Playable Game

The Global Festival of Ideas will be the world’s first Playable Conference.

Our partners
Free Ice Cream have built a playful layer into the Global Festival of Ideas. They will be launching the beta version of a never-seen-before collaborative digital game that enables delegates to explore the themes of the conference and the broader working practices of the development sector.  

The game will be a representation of the effort needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, with delegates focussing on the set of goals to be reviewed at the High Level Political Forum in 2017.

Delegates will learn how to play a dynamic system that captures some of the vagaries of global development policy. By pooling resources and responding quickly to disruptive events, delegates will be able to ‘play the system’, and along the way find that unusual collaborations sometimes bring unexpected benefits, assumptions are there to be challenged, and that careful deployment of resources are the secret to success….